Approximately two-thirds of Idaho's electricity is produced with low-cost hydropower facilities. Idaho offers low electric rates for residential, commercial and industrial users - lower than most major cities in the nation and about half that of many western cities.


The Rathdrum area has excellent utility service for its residents with adequate capacity for future expansion. Avista Utilities and Kootenai Electric Cooperative provide electric service for residential, commercial and industrial users. Natural gas also is provided by Avista Utilities.

For additional information visit the company websites below:


Avista Utilities                                 www.avistautilities.com 

Kootenai Electric Cooperative          www.kec.com


Average Electrical Rates

Residential (per kWh): $.07

Small Commercial(per kWh): $.07

Large Commercial (per kWh): $.05

Industrial (per kWh): $.04


Average Natural Gas Rates

Residental & Small Commercial (per therm): $1.10

Large Commercial (per therm): $1.05

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