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The Rathdrum area is a great place to live and do business.  An exceptional life style, excellent schools and a welcoming business climate all make for a smooth relocation for families and business.

When compared to other cities and metro areas of the West, Northern Idaho's cost of living is generally lower. For necessities such as groceries, housing, healthcare, utilities and transportation, costs in Kootenai County are often significantly less than in other areas. For example, the average home in Rathdrum during 2009 was purchased for just $162,000.

The citizens of Lakeland Jt. School District No. 272 have always supported a strong education system, recognizing that the quality of education a community gives its young people is one of the keys to the health and vitality of each community, and to the prosperity of the region as a whole.

Schools throughout the district strive to exceed state standards for accreditation. The results: elementary through high school - schools repeatedly receive "merit" or "exemplary" status, according to Northwest Accreditation Association standards.  Furthermore, students consistently score above state averages on standardized tests.


In addition to effectively addressing core competencies and scholastic achievement, the schools in Lakeland make available to students a wide range of elective courses and extracurricular activities that help create well-rounded individuals.


In the 1990s, North Idaho communities began developing a mixture of manufacturing firms and customer service centers. Since that time, Kimball Office, the largest manufacturing firm in Kootenai County, moved to the area providing employment for more than 400 people. In early 2005, Buck Knives relocated from the San Diego area to Post Falls where it now employees more than 200 people. Now, Kootenai County is home to numerous manufacturing businesses with 4,800 employees and a payroll exceeding $170 million.


Advances in telecommunications operations have also attracted large customer service centers to Kootenai County including three Verizon Communications order processing centers, two Center Partners call centers, and a Coldwater Creek center taking catalog orders. U.S. Bank opened the county's newest customer service center serving credit card customers in 2005. Currently, customer service centers in Kootenai County employ about 2,000 people.


The continual creation of new jobs by a growing variety of businesses strengthens, diversifies, and stabilizes the local economic base. To serve potential manufacturers or commercial businesses, Kootenai County has several industrial parks.  Thayer Industrial Park on the south side of Rathdrum has a variety of small and large parcels available for industrial and commercial relocation among existing manufacturing enterprises.


We welcome inquiries about the possibilities of relocating to the Rathdrum area.

Relocation packets are available by contacting the Rathdrum Area Chamber of Commerce office at 208-687-2866 or contact us by e-mail at Office@rathdrumchamberofcommerce.com


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